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Volunteer With Lovable Cats & Kittens

Volunteering with SOXrescue is an awesomeriffic and rewarding experience for you as well as a priceless benefit to the cats and kittens you work with. Volunteer(ing) tasks can include responsibilities such as playing and comforting  the rescues, cleaning, feeding, watering, and socializing them with people and other rescues - just giving some unconditional love that a rescue may have never felt or experienced before. There are many opportunities to lend a helping hand as well as giving a small piece of your heart to make the difference in their lives—this could even be the difference that you need in your life.


Volunteer time means a lot to the staff and to the cats who really enjoy the extra love and attention. Although the schedule is flexible, the morning shift usually consists of a thorough cleaning of all rooms, including the following tasks:

 • Changing/cleaning litter pans

 • Brushing cat beds and furniture

 • Sweeping and mopping

 • Wiping soiled surfaces

 • Washing dishes

 • Assisting with feeding and watering

 • Taking cats out for harness walks and stroller rider


The afternoon shift may involve spending time playing with the cats, or just sitting with the cats and reading a book. It may sound simple, but these are essential pre-adoption activities as well as important enrichment activities. Other afternoon tasks could include the following:

 • Washing walls and windows

 • Raking fur from outside the screened runs

 • Weeding

 • Restocking supplies and/or food

 • Assisting with afternoon feeding

 • Taking cats out for harness walks and stroller rider


Are you interested in volunteering at SOXrescue?

Anyone 18 years-old and up can volunteer without a parent/guardian. Individuals aged 16-17 can volunteer with a signed release from a parent/guardian. For safety reasons, individuals fifteen and under cannot volunteer but are more than welcome to accompany you as long as there is someone that is not a volunteer currently assigned and/or working whom can provide adequate supervision that will not differ while you're volunteering. Every volunteer needs to first participate in the volunteer orientation and submit the required forms (volunteer agreement form) before working within the adoption center, going out on projects or into the field.



Volunteers help with numerous activities during various events and projects such as feeding, cleaning, walking, grooming, and socializing of the cats. There are also special projects in areas such as booth promotion and event flier distribution, volunteering at a partner shelter or organization such as PetSmart where we assign volunteers to spend time with their felines currently up for adoption, and so much more.


Regardless of the desired position or level of experience, all volunteers must apply before being taken into consideration, and all documents must be completed before going out into the field.

*if a location is not displayed and/or occupied, a request to establish a location can be made and will be taken into consideration by the Directors and Board.

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